The Secret Identity of the Holy Spirit of God

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Avatar Adi Da Samraj


True religion is not about safety, or the salvation of the individual from naked confrontation with suffering and pleasure and death and love.

True religion is about the difficult evolution and ultimate transcendence of the individual, and mankind, and Man.

Therefore, we must awaken from our self-protecting illusions of religious safety, and we must surrender to the Current of life in which the body and the mind are swimming forever.

There is no "Holy Substitute" for Man.

There is no "representative" sacrifice [such as the death of Jesus],

There is no true alternative to awakened consciousness and unqualified love in the case of each individual.

Every one of us is the necessary sacrifice of God.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


  • A Prophetic Criticism of Great Religions The religious consciousness of Western Man is trapped within an archaic structure of myths, dogmas, and social conflicts that no longer serve the true religious and spiritual process of true Man. Man himself cannot awaken to his evolutionary spiritual Destiny until the spell of mythological and self-possessed thinking is broken. Conventional religious institutions learn how to survive by serving and manipulating a massive membership that is largely incapable of true and practical religious responsibility. This is done by minimizing the true religious demand for literal and personal conversion of mind and action, and replacing that difficult religious demand with the "easier" and more secular demand for mere allegiance to systems of myth, belief, ritual, and dogma. Thus, over time, great "Churches" tend in fact to become the enemies of ultimate religious Truth. This was the situation that confronted Jesus, and it was and is the situation confronted by all true religious prophets and spiritual Adepts.

  • Beyond the Outer or Public Cult of Jesus The New Testament is essentially an exoteric or outer and public manual of instruction. And it was created by the exoteric public cult of Jesus that became the official Church of the Roman Empire. However, we may find aspects of the esoteric (or "inner circle") Teaching described in certain texts of the New Testament, particularly the gospel and the letters of John the Beloved. And it was only that "inner circle" Teaching and practice that represented the full Teaching of Jesus and his school. John, known as the Beloved, and, presumably, also as the Elder, was apparently the principal disciple or devotee of Jesus of Nazareth, just as Jesus himself had been the principal disciple or devotee of John the Baptist, and Jesus, therefore, succeeded John the Baptist, after the latter's death. The religion of Jesus and John the Beloved was essentially a proclamation of release from the negative burdens of life in this world through ecstatic or self-transcending union with the Living God. The Way of that union began with conversion from abstract belief in the "God of our fathers," or the "God of the Holy Book." Jesus and John the Beloved preached that there must be conversion from mere and idolatrous belief in an idea of God.

  • The Good Principles of Jesus Jesus communicated the view that the Principles of this world are prior Unity with God, renunciation and forgiveness as a means of purification, and an individually conscious Life that is ever changing but never destroyed. Jesus represents only the argument, the conviction, and the confession of this good assumption of Good Principles. He does not represent any independent historical Act that makes it unnecessary for any one else to accept and be responsible for these Principles. In other words, the Principles of our Life are Good, but these Good Principles are only as effective in our own case as the degree of our acceptance and responsibility relative to them.

  • Jesus Was a Sacrifice, Not a Survivor Jesus of Nazareth has become a universal archetypal figure in the minds of all mankind. But He has thereby become more a part of conventional mind and meaning than a servant of the Real. Unfortunately, He has become identified with personal or egoic survival rather than perfect sacrifice of self, mind, life, emotion, and body. Paul the Apostle said that if Jesus did not survive His death, then belief in Him and his Teaching is fruitless. Therefore, the bodily and personal survival of Jesus became the traditional foundation of Christian belief and practice. But Paul's conception is false.

  • The Christian Idol Like every Idol, the Myth of Jesus contains a secret about Man himself. But that secret is locked away in the features of the Image men worship. Men worship Jesus as an exclusive human embodiment of God because they are unwilling or unable to accept the kind of responsibility for themselves that Jesus accepted for Himself. Jesus did not teach the worship of Himself as a substitute for the responsibility of each man for his own religious and spiritual sacrifice.

  • Beyond the Hidden Teachings of Jesus: Part I I have criticized the cultic Christian revision of Jesus' life and work, since it forgets and even anathematizes His real work and totally misinterprets the significance of His spiritual influence. At another level, however, my criticism must also be directed at the inverted, self-divided, world-denying, soul-glorifying orientation of the ancient oriental mystical traditions as a whole since much of the "inner circle" Teaching of Jesus was an extension of that ancient "gnosticism" of "Heaven-seeking" via internal mystical techniques. Ultimately, the esoteric idols of mysticism must be overcome, just as must the exoteric and public idols of analytical intellectualism. Mysticism, like science, is another way of "knowing about." It is simply an arcane method for acquiring certain kinds of knowledge. The Truth is not within. Experiences - external or internal - are not Truth. And, although we may learn and grow by experience, experiences do not in themselves liberate us into the Transcendental Reality or Realm of the Absolute Divine.

  • Beyond the Hidden Teachings of Jesus: Part II The notion that Jesus died for our sins (rather than because of them, or merely as part of the natural chaos of the subhuman world) is based on the Hebrew ritualism of the Old Testament and the ancient cults of "blood sacrifice." The New Testament proclaims that all sins are forgivable except one, which is the sin against the "Holy Spirit." But the idea of a special act that is a sin against the Holy Spirit is only a kind of play on words. All sin is turning away from the Living God, the Life-Principle, or the Holy Spirit. Then what is not the ultimate sin? What is the only activity that is "forgiven" (or permitted to find God)? It is to meet the mark, or to worship the Living God not with conventional ritualism or cultic belief, but through Love-Communion, through feeling and breathing, through the total, cultural, and ecstatic or self-transcending process that is most intimately associated with one's very existence and with all one's relationships. Thus, it should be clear that the process of human liberation in Truth has nothing whatsoever to do with any cultic ritual of "blood sacrifice," even the "blood sacrifice" that Jesus supposedly performed by being nailed to a cross. Such an idea is cultic and ritualistic nonsense exactly the kind of religious nonsense that Jesus himself preached against.

  • Jesus Is Life The historical person of Jesus is now beyond the ordinary reach of mankind. He has gone on to fulfill his own evolutionary destiny in the realm of Nature. Only the Living God, or the Transcendental Reality to which Jesus pointed with his entire life and Teaching, remains for us to embrace in love. We must surrender to the Life-Principle, the Living God, the Holy Spirit, the Radiant Self of all beings, Who is the Truth, the Way, and the Destiny of Man. If you like, you can name that Living Reality "Jesus," or the 'Christ," but do not threaten and deny the rights of those who name that same Principle by other names. Every religion is simply an historical intuition of the One and Only Life-Principle.

  • The Enlightenment of Man Is in His Bodily Commitment to Life The time has come to transcend our ancient acculturation to the bodily negative recoil from Life. We must transcend the ancient religions and the ancient cultural taboos. We must be enlightened in our understanding of the paradox of human mortality and immortality. Therefore, we must embrace Life bodily and surrender into bodily Communion with the Living Reality. We must throw away all of our bodily negative, anti-sexual, anti-Life adaptations. We must realize a truly regenerative bodily love of Life. It is not that we are to become libertines, but neither are we to become ascetics. We must surrender bodily to Life, via all our actions. We must transcend mortal fear and all of its false religious and social dogmas. We must allow Life to regenerate us in every part, and we must yield to the evolutionary plan and pattern that is hidden in the body and in the play of Nature, and which is not at all contained in the mind (since the mind is only a reflection of previous experience and previous or chronic limitations of knowledge, perception, and presumption). We must transcend ourselves through ecstatic, mind-transcending, whole bodily Communion with the Living God. Only by doing all of this can Man move beyond the present impasse of worldwide conflict and subhuman idealism. We are at the dead end of the ancient ways, and we are suffering from the inability to move fully into our right, human, and immortal destiny. Only an enlightened and liberated understanding of our old cultural and subhuman presumptions will permit us to yield to Life bodily, in love, and so move on in the Way of God.

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