Supportive Disciplines in the Way of Adidam

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The Discipline of Cooperative Community

The enterprise of freeing up energy and attention need not take place solely in the individual sphere. Like-impulsed spiritual practitioners
whom Avatar Adi Da Samraj refers to as “good company” can cooperate, and live together and work together in a cooperative fashion that creatively frees up time, energy, attention and money:


Imagine how much stress you could release from your life if you agreed to live simply, to reduce the costs of life, and to cooperate with one another. This cooperation is the true politics to which I call My devotees. When will you abandon your castle and live in common with others? All of a sudden, you will have excess money, excess time, excess energy, more time for [Spiritual practice], less money wasted in consoling yourself with the ordinary life. You can use your resources to develop your cooperative life and the circumstances and the facilities you share with others. That is what I actually Call you to do! Live on the basis of truly right principles of living, and live very happily, very productively, and have full time for all the practices of the Way of Adidam. Just give up your diversions and stop trying to blend in with the herd of the common world. Embrace the principles that enable you to handle all your life-business while living in this world of stress.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, I Give You The Gift Of One Another


Again, like all the disciplines, the discipline of cooperative community cuts into an addictive habit: that of living separately as “householders” in our separate family “castles”, and thus avoiding making ourselves vulnerable to the influence of and agreements with others that is a necessary part of such a cooperative arrangement. But again, like all the other disciplines, once the adaptation has been made to this new habit, great energy and attention are released for the Greater Purpose.

Energy and attention are not only bound at the individual level. The nature of the government or State in which we live, the news and politics of the times, and the actual state of the world, all bind our attention, generally in a very negative way. The establishment of local cooperative communities is the beginning of a process which, when, carried out on a global scale, begins to relieve world tensions and relieve everyone of the anxiety that comes from the fear of global threat or annihilation:



Fundamentally, there is only bad “news” in the ordinary, ego-based, un-Enlightened, chaotic world. Instead of waiting for . . . whatever it is that you wait for all the time — you must, yourself, become involved in intimate, cooperative community with other human beings. In a responsible, mutually dependent, cooperative, tolerant, peaceful, and intimate relationship with other human beings, you must create and protect the basics of a truly human culture and of a truly intimate daily human society. … The principal characteristics that stand at the root of any civilization are those of cooperative, human-scale community itself. …those characteristics are … cooperation, interrelatedness, interdependence, non-competitiveness, true (or positive, rather than merely insipid) harmlessness, and positive (or ego-transcending, and other-serving, rather than merely self-negating) self-sacrifice.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Eleutherios



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